Tips on how you can take care of the Environment during your holidays

Today is World Environment Day, and there is nothing that makes us happier than celebrating it by offering sustainable vacations! That is why we are here to provide a few tips so that you can have one of the most unique experiences of your life by being an eco-traveler AND experiencing the fantastic amenities of an all inclusive resort.

Every day, whether you’re on vacation or not, you have a huge responsibility in your hands. You have the power to decide whether or not you are going to preserve and improve the world in your home, your work, the way you transport yourself, what you consume, and of course, the way you vacation.

If you want to keep this planet green and healthy, and you want to make sure your family and friends have the opportunity to enjoy a healthy life in this world, here are some tips on how to spend this vacation having fun while at the same time helping the environment.

To begin, by choosing any of Sandos Hotels, you are already taking one step forward towards choosing a socially responsible company that communicates that their actions are in favor of the environment. But, in addition to this, you can go a little bit  further and become more involved with the conservation of our planet by following these straightforward (but beneficial) tips for a green vacation:

Beach cleaning

If you are okay with getting your hands a little dirty and are looking to take action to help preserve one of the most threatened ecosystems (beaches) during your holidays, your help would mean the world…literally! In Sandos, we continuously commit to the cleanings of our beaches (both our hotels and other beaches) through the Sandos Foundation and the help of dozens of volunteers, any extra pair of hands can make a huge difference. At the time of your arrival, you can ask if there will be an opportunity to participate in a beach cleaning during your stay!  Even if it’s just a little bit of help, it goes a long way towards saving the environment!


Plant a tree

Make a permanent and positive footprint in the Riviera Maya at Sandos Caracol! This activity is available for the entire family and allows guests to plant their very own tree and watch it grow bigger and stronger year after year. A great way to bring the family together and have a positive environmental impact!



Say No to Straws

At Sandos Hotels we do not offer the use of straws, straws are available upon request, but we invite you to join us in this journey to being straw-free during your vacation (unless you require the use of straws due to any medical conditions, then they will be provided without fault). Every year, millions of plastic straws are littered into the oceans from all around the world and it is drastically affecting the oceans wildlife and their environments! Small actions like refusing the use of straws foster a culture of environmental awareness among children, friends, and family which in turn pushes everyone towards trying to take a step in the right direction to create a better and cleaner world.

Use The Sandos Reusable Cups

At all Sandos Hotels guests will find the use of reusable Sandos cups. The purpose of these cups is to drastically reduce the amount of plastic waste that Sandos Hotels produces, which in turn helps lower the amount of plastic pollution exposed to our environment. It is important to note that all reusable Sandos cups are thoroughly washed before being reused.

Use biodegradable sunscreen

The use of biodegradable sunscreen is crucial, especially when you are going to submerge yourself in the water of cenotes and oceans. This is very important because the standard sunscreen used has been pointed out as one of the main causes of the bleaching of our corals and other damages to the ecosystem. Another small and easy thing we can do to help preserve the natural environment

Participate in the conservation of sea turtles

During sea turtle season at Sandos hotels in Mexico, we have a high priority program committed to the preservation of sea turtles, which is why we in bring experts to take care of their nests 24 hours a day and monitor the births of these precious sea turtles. Sandos Finisterra is also the proud host of the wonderful and unique Olive Ridley Turtle, whose nesting habits are very different from other sea turtles.

When on your vacations, no matter how fascinating they may be, make sure to stay away from the sea turtles nests (which we indicate clearly with a sign). It is also crucial to also teach children to respect the nests while at the same time sharing how wonderful the turtles are and why we need to protect them by respecting their environment.

Enjoy ecological tours and learn about a different culture

Culture is directly linked to the environment, so if you want to go for a walk during your vacation, what better way than doing it for a good cause?

In Sandos San Blas you can take a guided tour to the San Blas Environmental Reserve, during in which it informs visitors about the culture, geology, fauna, and flora of the area, as well as the traditions of the ancient inhabitants of the Canary Islands. A small museum is also available so that visitors can take the opportunity to learn more about the area and its community.

In the hotels located on the beaches of the Caribbean Sea (Sandos Cancun, Sandos Playacar, and Sandos Caracol) you can experience the tour of The Last Witnesses, a cultural getaway sure to change your perspective of the mythical Mayan culture. You get to enjoy a once in a lifetime experience, and all proceeds from the tour are put towards the benefit of schools in the community, everyone wins!


Make the difference

There are a lot of other practices that also make a huge difference during your stay in any hotel! Things like turning off the lights and air conditioners when you leave the room, the request of the washing of your towels only when necessary to save water, and not to feed the wild animals!

One way you can create a positive difference is to create the least possible negative environmental impact during your stay by leaving the place where you were as if you had never visited it. For example,  when visiting the beach take any residue of your stay and even pick up other garbage you may find on the way.

Most importantly, remember to choose companies that are truly and fully committed to the preservation of the environment. Like Sandos Hotels where Sandos Cancun, Sandos Caracol, Sandos Playacar, and Sandos Finisterra have important certifications like Rainforest Alliance and TravelLife Gold, organizations that certify hotels for maintaining sustainable practices. In addition, Sandos Finisterra and Sandos Caracol have been granted the Distinctive S Award, granted by the Secretary of Tourism in Mexico, which certifies hotels that provide exceptional services to its guests while at the same time continuing with sustainable practices that are carried out! In addition, Sandos San Blas, Sandos El Greco, Sandos Papagayo, Sandos Monaco are set to be part of the TravelLife environmental program through policies and general practices of sustainability in favor of environmental conservation.


We only have one Earth, will you do your part during your holidays and make a difference? Together we can save the world!




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  1. Hola. Adoro su hotel de playa car , ya fui dos veces !! Pero … en mi última visita el año pasado ‍♀️Un horror la plata llena de algas !!
    Que decepción terrible ! Fui en mayo del 2018 !! Es lamentable, pero a todos los q pregunto y fueron a playa del Carmen este año está igual !! Yo quiero volver !! Pero Cdo todo este como la primera vez hace ya casi 4 años atrás !!
    Agradezco info !! Sobre las algas
    No me digas q es el clima , ni q limpian todos los días !! Digan la realidad y si se puede ir en qué mes no hay algas !!

    • Hola Adriana, antes que todo, ¡muchas gracias por elegir nuestros hoteles! Lamentamos que la naturaleza haya impedido que disfrutaras por completo tus vacaciones del año pasado, y aunque en efecto, el sargazo sigue siendo un tema de suma importancia este año también, podemos asegurarte que sí limpiamos la playa todos los días y que desafortunadamente no existe una fecha o temporada para la llegada del sargazo, hay ocasiones en las que puede llegar una cantidad de algas muy pequeña que podemos retirar en unas horas, o puede que llegue una cantidad mayor que requiera más trabajo, el cual hacemos con todo nuestro equipo y esfuerzo.
      Constantemente publicamos el estado actual de nuestras playas en redes sociales, sea en publicaciones o en historias en Instagram y Facebook, ¡por lo que te invitamos a seguirnos! Si ese día no publicamos el estado de la playa, puedes escribirnos un mensaje y te enviaremos nuestras fotos más recientes.

      Además de la playa, en Sandos Playacar tu todo incluido se trata de disfrutar, además de la All Playa Experience, de entretenimiento como los increíbles espectáculos, eventos especiales, fiestas temáticas, un kids club, un espacio de juegos tipo arcade para niños y adolescentes, piscinas, renta de bicicletas, canchas de tenis, gimnasio totalmente equipado, piscina principal con parque acuático, etcétera.

      ¡De nuevo muchas gracias por elegirnos Adriana, y te esperamos muy pronto!

  2. Me alegra el nuevo hotel en Ibiza, me gustaría recibir mas información de los Hoteles Sandos que se encuentran en España, Ibiza e en las Islas Canarias, también en la parte occidental de Méjico.
    Junto a mi esposa Alicia Butalla, DNI 5.698.175 soy socio de Royal Elite desde hacia varios años y actualmente somos titular del Contrato PS 08339
    Gregorio Svetlitza DNI 7.271.144

    • Hola Gregorio ¡muchas gracias por elegirnos! Acabamos de enviarte un mensaje por correo electrónico para darte la mejor atención personalizada para ti, un abrazo y ¡esperamos pronto verte en cualquiera de nuestros resorts en México y España!

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