Temazcal Mayan Sauna Experience

The 1200-year Old Mayan Tradition

In the jungles of the Riviera Maya you can experience a Temazcal Mayan Sauna.

The Mayan people believe in purifying the body and spirit through rituals and ceremonies, and one of the most fascinating is the temazcal. The temazcal is a dome-shaped sweat lodge with fire-heated stones in the center to create the perfect environment for meditation and purification.

Temazcal Mayan Sauna

Temazcal Mayan Sauna

At Sandos Caracol Eco Experience Resort, we have our very own temazcal set in the jungle, allowing you to become part of an ancient tradition from the Mayan culture. Be cleansed with copal smoke, as the Mayans do, then call out to the elements of the earth along with a guide within the warm temazcal interior. In addition to the purifying powers of the temazcal itself, you will complete this unbelievable experience with a cooling dip in a natural cenote to complete the cleansing process.


Centuries-old temazcal Mayan suana structures have been unearthed at some of the region’s most famous and beautiful Mayan cities, including Chichen Itza and Tulum. When you enter the temazcal Mayan suana, you’ll be participating in the same ritual that the Mayan people have experienced for many centuries.

On March 21, 2014, Sandos Caracol’s Xcalacoco Experience eco program will be honoring the Spring Equinox with full day of Mayan-inspired activities throughout the resort, including soothing temazcal sessions. Don’t miss out on this beautiful and unforgettable experience in the Riviera Maya! For all of our Spring Equinox information, stop by our Xcalacoco Experience website.

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