Behind every good party, there is a great DJ

Do you know the history of DJs? Although it seems to be a term conceived in the eighties, you will be surprised to know its origins… What would any party be without those passionate people who bring their turntable to all kinds of places and make the crowds dance? What would The Rhythm Experience be? […]

Much More Than Just a GYM

A vacation, a healthy life, workouts and relaxation might not sound like things that belong in the same sentence… but when you add Sandos Playacar, then the combination is equal to fun, the perfect vacation and new lifestyles!   Our gym is growing so that you can improve on the training you do at home […]

Sandos Playacar´s plant nursery

Green, leafy and promising for nature… that’s how we describe our plant nursery. It’s located on a spot that was once home to a cenote years ago, and where now you can see dozens of plants and flowers that give color to our hotel Sandos Playacar.     The Chef’s Garden     Did you […]