Xcalacoco Experience: The Three Mayan Performances at Sandos Caracol

After the sun goes down in the Riviera Maya, we light some torches and invite our guests to witness enthralling outdoor performances at Sandos Caracol! As part of our Xcalacoco Experience, we tell a Mayan love story over three nighttime performances every week with beautiful costumes and dances. The stunning outdoor settings of Sandos Caracol… [Read More]


7 Things to Do During Easter Break at Sandos

Starting this week, kids across the world will be out of school for Easter Break (or “Semana Santa” as they call it here in Mexico). Whether your family is vacationing for two full weeks or just for a long weekend, at Sandos Hotels & Resorts we have plenty of activities to bring the family together… [Read More]


The Sandos Caracol Wedding Collection

Picture yourself standing on a deck over the crystal clear waters of a dazzling cenote, saying “I do” during a small yet unforgettable wedding ceremony in the jungles of the Riviera Maya. Or maybe you’d prefer something with a view of the Caribbean Sea with silky white sand beneath your feet, or on a beautifully… [Read More]


Sandos Turned Off the Lights for Earth Hour

This weekend, we turned off all the lights at our Riviera Maya resorts! And it was all for the environment. Sandos Caracol Eco Experience Resort and Sandos Playacar Beach Experience Resort both participated in Earth Hour, an annual event in which people and businesses across the globe turn off their lights for 1 hour to… [Read More]

Recap: Spring Equinox at Sandos Caracol

It all began with the sunrise. The Spring Equinox marks the day when the sun sits directly over the equator, and day and night are the same length. At 7am on the morning of March 21, guests flocked to the beach at Sandos Caracol Eco Experience Resort to welcome the sun and the springtime all… [Read More]

Temazcal: The Mayan Sauna

Experience a 1200-year old Mayan tradition in the jungles of the Riviera Maya. The Mayan people believe in purifying the body and spirit through rituals and ceremonies, and one of the most fascinating is the temazcal. The temazcal is a dome-shaped sweat lodge with fire-heated stones in the center to create the perfect environment for… [Read More]


Sandos Stories: Lupita the Macaw

As you’re lying on the beach at Sandos Caracol Eco Experience Resort, sipping on a mojito and soaking up the sun, you might be approached by somebody offering to take your picture with beautiful animal. This person might have a monkey, an iguana or a brightly colored macaw on their shoulder, and it seems like… [Read More]

How to Celebrate the Spring Equinox Mayan-Style

This is your chance to celebrate the Spring Equinox alongside the Mayans of the Yucatan Peninsula. The Mayan culture thrived in its studies of the stars and skies, using the changing seasons and celestial bodies to design pyramids and create their famous calendars. The equinox, when the sun lies directly over the equator, has been… [Read More]