The Making of the Sandos Christmas Rap

Christmas is in the air at Sandos! Santa even stopped by to visit us for some sunshine, rest and relaxation before “the big day” up at the North Pole. While he was vacationing at our resorts, Santa Claus was so inspired that he wanted to help us make a Sandos Christmas Rap video. Crazy, right?… [Read More]


Your Christmas Decorations Are More Mexican Than You Think!

Ahh, Mexico. Land of sparkling beaches, mouthwatering tacos, centuries-old traditions and … Christmas flowers? Many of us associate the deep red tones of poinsettia flowers with cozy mittens, stockings over the fireplace and the wintry weather of Christmastime, decking our halls with these vivid plants throughout the month of December. What you may not know,… [Read More]


Celebrating Christmas in Lanzarote

Would you like to spend a Christmas without all the snow and cold? We know that the snowy landscapes, the stockings hung over the fireplace, the scarves and the hats all remind us of Christmas. But… what if we do something different this year and escape to Lanzarote? Los Ranchos de Ánimas (traveling religious choirs)… [Read More]