Seasons Molecular Kitchen at Sandos Cancun Luxury Experience Resort

The Sandos Cancun Luxury Experience Resort and Spa offer guests a unique, all-inclusive dining plan, the Total Gourmet Experience.  One of the special culinary options included in this plan is found in Seasons Restaurant where Head Chef Victor Cano has developed an extensive avant guard menu in our molecular kitchen.

Molecular cuisine applies principals of chemistry to extract rich flavors from the molecules that make up foods such as produce, meats, and herbs.  These molecules are extracted and the compositions and textures are changed into forms such as liquid reductions, warm jellies, airy foams, flavored pastas, and faux caviars.  A classic example on the Seasons’ menu, and one of Chef Cano’s favorites, is the Cajun-crusted tuna which consists of a tuna cube  rubbed in Cajun spices and accompanied aspic (jelly citrus) in case of tomato, mixed greens and vinaigrette axiote.

Seasons will offer special a la carte dinners for  both our Christmas and New Year celebrations.  Guests arriving throughout the year have the opportunity to sample the rich flavors and unique gourmet creations which are always based on the use of seasonal produce.

Chef Cano and the staff at Cancun Luxury Experience Resort and Spa invite all of our guests to come and sample the extensive menu they have prepared and learn more about the very unique  culinary art of molecular gastronomy.


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