Royal Elite Beach Club Completed

The New Royal Elite Beach Club

Sandos Caracol Eco-Resort and Spa is very excited to announce the opening of our brand new Royal Elite Beach Club facility located directly on our expansive, white-sand beach in Sandos Caracol. Completed in August 2012, the Royal Elite beach club is the largest and most exclusive in the Riviera Maya, featuring an infinity pool, poolside bar with premium drink menu, and a full-service restaurant.

The R0yal Elite Beach Club also includes an expansive, European-designed private event space overlooking the water, including an outdoor bar, fountain, and a green wall. In keeping with our commitment to environmental sustainability, the club features an energy-efficient air conditioning system, and includes a natural lagoon that incorporates the local ecosystem into the architecture.

 Royal Elite Beach Club

Designed exclusively for Royal Elite members, the facility is located directly adjacent to our Royal Elite beachfront suites and offers a private, tranquil atmosphere with fresh, minimalist design, allowing members to relax and enjoy a luxurious, all-inclusive beach vacation.

The Royal Elite beach club restaurant, Los Lirios, features full, a la carte, breakfast and lunch menus exclusively for Royal Elite members with a mixture of continental cuisine and a variety of traditional Mexican dishes. You can enjoy an elegant bar atmosphere with full drink service at the bar as well as the beachfront terrace. Los Lirios also offers a reservation-only dinner menu to all hotel guests between 6 pm and 10 pm, with a menu that features variety of grilled meat and seafood dishes. The space also has a modern disco with a state of the art sound system and a live DJ event beginning nightly at 10:00 pm.

We are excited to invite all Royal Elite members to enjoy this exclusive beachfront space at Sandos Caracol Eco-Resort and Spa.


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  1. Buenas noches..estuve hospedada junto con mi esposo desde el 16/09/15 hasta el 20/09/15…desafortunadamente fui sorprendida desde que adquirí mi promoción vía agencia de viajes (Travel Case) ofreciendo un hotel de 4 diamantes..!!!! mentira ….el hotel difícilmente llega a 5 estrellas…piscinas sucias y con falta de mantenimiento, mobiliario sucio y maltratado, etc., lo único rescatable es la atención del personal: MESEROS (A), CAMARISTAS, PERSONAl DE RECEPCIÓN, BARMAN…realmente personas amables y respetuosas; fui con una promoción ($11,000.00 4 noches/5dias) con el compromiso de tomar una platica con la fuerza de ventas (royal elite ???) SIN COMPROMISO DE COMPRAR…!!!pero me aplicaron el consabido “según el la pedrada” empezando por ofrecerme una membresía de más de $300,000.00 hasta llegar a una de mas de $100,000.00 y como NO lograron convencerme…pues al ultimo se presentó una mujer llamada Carmina..(perdón no recuerdo su apellido) con una actitud totalmente arrogante y grosera..que pena me dió mostró su ética profesional ni su educación, al decirle que no me había gustado las instalaciones me contesto: ” si no le gusto el hotel….porque no tomo su equipaje y se fue a otro hotel esa misma noche” por favor no permitan que este tipo de personas malogren el esfuerzo que esta haciendo todo un equipo para poder rescatar al hotel y poder hacer que resurja como en sus mejores tiempos…quedo a sus órdenes y disculpen mi sinceridad. Atte. Angelina E. Ferrer Hernández..

  2. I need the following information for our upcoming trip. I am a royal elite member

    1. How do I get and make reservations for transportation to and from the resort

    2. Will my reservation payment that is made in USD be charged an exchange fee for Mexico.

    3. Besides an ID are their papers I will need to check in

  3. can you tell me if all the renovations in the Elite Club are complete? my family and I wish to holiday at your resort March 2013. We want the Royal Elite Superior room
    Please advice

  4. I am a member and stayed for 2 weeks. We could not upgrade to our new room but we were able to enjoy all of the areas. We can’t wait till next year. Love the space for a quiet relaxing time! Thank you Elite!

  5. Thursday 6, Sept, I went with my family and friends to know Sandos Caracol Playacar, and, near the beach at the exclusive pool for Royal members, had a few portable toilets and smelled very badly and had people building and doing a lot of noise with pneumatic hammers, which prevented us to spend relaxing time.

    • Dear Mr Alvarado,
      We are sorry you were not able to relax during your visit to the pool at Sandos Playacar. The work being done is the expanding and remodelling of the toilets in the main pool. This is an important work which needs to be done in order to offer high quality services and facilities. Unfortunately there is no ideal time to do this job. Some drilling had to be done to knock down a wall and improve the overall pool facilities. The portable restrooms are a provisional solution while the work is done, although there are two more restrooms close buy, in the Bambola Bar and the Meeting Point. As a company that aims to innovate, we are constantly making improvements to our resort in order to offer both solid value and quality vacation experiences for our guests. We hope that next time you join us you can enjoy the new facilities and have a relaxing day by the pool.

      Thanks for your comments,
      Sandos Playacar Management

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