Recipe: Duck Ham

How To Prepare Duck Ham


• 1 duck breast
• 700 grams of salt (depending on the size of the breast)
• freshly ground black pepper
• 1 tablespoon of duck fat or extra virgin olive oil

• Clean and dry the duck
• Place salt in small container
• Lay duck breast on salt bed and store in cold area for 12-20 hours
• Remove the salt
• Mix black pepper with duck fat and baste the breast in this mixture
• Place breast on a skewer or hook for curing

Duck Ham

For high quality duck ham it is important to keep the duck in a cool, dry and draft-free area. If you have to put in the open, cover the breast with a fabric.

Curing time depends on size, climate, and humidity. If you have limited time to prepare the duck ham, buy a thinner piece of meat, and once it is almost cured, cut it into slices.

This will accelerate the drying, although thicker pieces will be more juicy.
It is very important to always keep the meat at a low temperature (between 4 and 10 degrees C)

Enjoy, Jose Maria Trujillo, Sandos San Blas chef.

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