Mayan Honey Treatments

A Special Spa Experience At Sandos Caracol Learn the hidden secrets of Mayan honey treatments and their multitude of benefits. According to the National Honey Board, Americans consume about 1.3 pounds of honey per person each year. Now more than ever, people are realizing the amazing versatility of the all-natural ingredient. Its sweet taste is old […]

Sandos in International Coastal Cleanup

 International Coastal Cleanup Event On September 29th, Sandos Hotels and Resorts participated in the International Coastal Cleanup, an annual event sponsored by the Ocean Conservancy, to clean and care for beaches and waterways. We thank all of our Sandistas for volunteering their time in this important event. Again, this year, we reached our goal of […]

Mangrove Crab Reproduction

Mangrove Crab Reproduction At Sandos Caracol Want to witness the mangrove crab reproduction cycle? During the months of September and October guests at Sandos Caracol Eco Resport and Spa will have an opportunity to witness the peak time in the reproductive cycle of mangrove crabs. These large, land-dwelling crabs live in and among mangroves, and […]

Mayan Villages Lol-Bel and Carrillo Puerto

Sandos Visited Mayan Villages On Saturday, September 1, 2012, Sandos Playacar visited the local Mayan villages of Lo-Bel and Carrillo Puerto in the rural area of southern Quintana Roo. Our mission was to bring household items, such as clothes and shoes, donated by our Sandista staff to these indigenous communities. Lol-Be and Carrillo are in Chemax […]

Sandos Hotels Won several Golden Apple Awards

Golden Apple Awards Winner of Golden Apple Awards, Sandos Hotels and Resorts is proud to announce that we have been recognized by Apple Vacations for our excellence in service and client satisfaction with several Golden Apple Awards. Golden Apple Awards are extended annually to hotels in Apple Vacations program that consistently offer excellent services and exceed […]