How to make an Altar de Muertos at home?

If for this Day of the Dead you are looking to make the perfect Altar de Muertos, read on and discover that it is very easy to keep this long-lasting Mexican tradition alive!  Not everything is about Halloween during these dates! Surely you have heard about Day of the Dead, the perhaps most famous and […]

Sandos Caracol: archeological park in Playa del Carmen

There is a place that has all of the makings for a perfect vacation, and that is Sandos Caracol, with ecological tours and a memorable stay among the Mayan jungle. This eco hotel allows you to rest not only physically but mentally while representing holidays for the soul without neglecting fun for every age. Archeological […]

Striking Back Against Global Warming

As the human population grows and evolves, the threat of global warming becomes more and more relevant! If we don’t do something soon to fix this problem, the result could be catastrophic. That is why Sandos Hotels and Resorts is striving to do whatever they can to help against the fight with Global Warming by joining […]