Romantic Cocktail Recipes

Romantic Cocktail Recipes

Costa Blanca KissRomantic Cocktail Recipes

If you are planning an elegant Valentine’s evening and require a classy cocktail, why not try our stylish  Costa Blanca Kiss?

- 5 ml of Brandy
- 5ml of Cointreau
- 100 of de Champaigne
- Dash of grenadine
* Martini Glass rimmed with Blue Curaçao and Sugar

Peach on the Beach

A cocktail that will remind you of the romantic sunsets at Sandos San Blas Nature Resort & Golf

- 5m ml of vodka
- 30ml of peach liquor
- 1/2 glass of peach juice
- 10ml of blueberries juice

*Serve it cold on a wide glass, decorated with sugar and natural orange.

Hot Level

A refreshing cocktail made exclusively for guests during Valentine’s day.

- 25m ml of dark rum
- 25ml of triple sec
- 100ml of pineaple juice
- 10ml of grenadine
- crushed ice
*Decoraition: natural pineple. Martini Glass.

Noche de pasión (for her)
The sweet and pink cocktail.

- One part of Malibu
- One part of Licor43
- One part of liquid cream
- Dash of grenadine
*Decoration: natural strawberries.

Noche de pasión (for him)

Surprise yourself with the Gyn Tonic gelatin made by Iñaki Sierra, Sector Manager.

- Gyn
- Tonic
- Some drops of lemon juice
- Neutral gelatin
- Red colorant
*Decoration: natural strawberries.

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