Beautiful Land’s End Beach

Land’s End: The Beach You Haven’t Seen

Ever imagined walking beneath the famous arch on beautiful Land´s End beach? The locals in Cabo San Lucas say that you can only walk to the Land’s End Arch for a few weeks every 4 to 6 years; the waters of the Pacific Ocean wash enough sand under the Arch to form a beach on rare and unpredictable occasions. The Land’s End Beach might form 2 years in a row, or 15 years could pass between opportunities to walk beneath the monument.

Beautiful Land's End Beach

Land’s End Beach

Just this week, higher sand levels have formed the rare beach under Land’s End Arch, making it possible for travelers staying at Sandos Finisterra Los Cabos to make the walk. Glass bottom boats can be quickly hired at the Cabo San Lucas marina, located just outside the Sandos gates. Take a glass bottom boat out to Lovers’ Beach, then walk to the neighboring Divorce Beach where you’ll find a bar of sand along the rocks leading to the Arch. You might have to run between waves to make the crossing, depending on the tide levels, but this stretch of beach is so rarely available that the adventure is well worth it. Once you’ve reached the other side, the perfect photo op awaits you under the Land’s End Arch.

The famous arch

If you’re in Los Cabos, now’s the time to visit the Land’s End Arch! The walkable beach could stick around for several weeks, or it could disappear tomorrow.


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  1. hola… me gustaria saber si hoy en dia esta el arco con playa para caminar bajo de el…. y si por la cantidad de arena.. crees que haya playa aun para este junio 2014….

    pues realmente a eso quiero ir… a caminar bajo el arco… plisssss y dame datos de tu hotel… en cuanto lo tienen para dos noches…

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