World Cup 2014 Schedule: Watch Every Match

Our World Cup 2014 schedule is all set! You won’t have to miss the best matches during your vacation because our World Cup 2014 schedule means great coverage for your favorite teams throughout the event. From the thrilling Brazil vs Croatia opening match on June 12 to the final on July 13, we’ve got ya… [Read More]

Memorial Day 2014: 5 Places to Cool Off

Kick off Memorial Day 2014 in paradise! Memorial Day 2014 falls on Monday, May 26 this year… which means that you only have a few more days to plan how you’re going to spend it! If you’re looking to do something more exciting than a backyard BBQ or a trip to the zoo, there’s no… [Read More]

Perfect Recipe for Poolside Relaxation

Relaxing Poolside At Sandos Cancun Lounging poolside at Sandos Luxury Resort in beautiful Cancun, Mexico is the perfect recipe for a relaxing afternoon in the Caribbean. Sandos Cancun provides the perfect recipe for vacationers who want to soak up the sun and enjoy ice cold cocktails in a luxury resort. This year, you could be… [Read More]

Spring Equinox at Sandos

It Begins With Sunrise The Spring Equinox marks the day when the sun sits directly over the equator, and day and night are the same length. At 7am on the morning of March 21, guests flocked to the beach at Sandos Caracol Eco Experience Resort to welcome the sun and the springtime all together in a… [Read More]

Temazcal Mayan Sauna Experience

The 1200-year Old Mayan Tradition In the jungles of the Riviera Maya you can experience a Temazcal Mayan Sauna. The Mayan people believe in purifying the body and spirit through rituals and ceremonies, and one of the most fascinating is the temazcal. The temazcal is a dome-shaped sweat lodge with fire-heated stones in the center… [Read More]